Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 - Serial Number 32, May 2018, Pages 7-194 
Effects of Disclosure of the Extent of Sustainability Indicators on Earnings Quality

Pages 7-34


Malek Yaballuei Khamesluei; Naser Izadinia (Ph.D); Mehdi Arabsalehi (Ph.D)

Managerial Ability, Financial Performance and Bankruptcy Risk

Pages 35-61


Shokrollah Khajavi (Ph.D); MohammadHossein Ghadirian Arani

Assessing Managers Fraud Through Analysis of Board of Directors Report by Data Mining

Pages 91-114


Alireza Rahrovi Dastjerdi; Dariosh Foroghi (Ph.D); Gholamhosein Kiani (Ph.D)

Investigating the Factors Affecting Timely Audit Reports

Pages 115-146


Mousa Bozorg Asl (Ph.D); Hossein Rajabdorri; Manochehr Khoramin